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5 Tips to Score Big at Your Performance Review - Trish Barillas

5 Tips to Score Big at Your Performance Review

January 30, 2018

Performance reviews can be a stressful time for employees. The tension from so many unanswered questions – Will my employer see all my hard work? Will I be promoted this year? Will I receive a raise or a bonus? Additionally, no one enjoys a sit-down conversation where they are scrutinized. Factor all this in and emotions can definitely run high during this time, but performance reviews don’t always have to be nerve-racking. This can actually be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your accomplishments and distinguish yourself. Showing your employer the value you bring to the company.

The best thing to do before a performance review is prepare to make sure you lock in that raise and get the bonus. Trish Barillas, the best-selling author of A Face of Anxiety is a life and career coach specializing in job advancements, organization, anxiety, relationships, and breakups. Here are her five tips for making sure you score big at your next performance review.

1) Be Engaged

Be prepared with questions on how to improve your performance in your weakness areas.

2) Show Interest in Additional Training

Ask if there are classes you could take that would be beneficial to your position. They may even offer to have the company pay for it.

3) Give Feedback

Do you have a solution to an existing problem you want to share and use it as goal setting for your upcoming fiscal year?

4) Show your Progress

If you have been at the company more than a year, bring your previous review to compare and ensure different goals for the upcoming year.

5) Talk Future Goals or Plans

This is an ample opportunity to show if you have an interest in other areas of the company. Express what direction you see yourself going in, every meeting is a chance to explore other options in order to place your name/interest at the forefront.

Apply these tips to your next performance review for a productive sit-down. Found these tips helpful? Want more career advice from life and career coach Trish Barillas?

By: Percy Jimenez-Nagy

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