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Out of Office: How to Prepare for Vacation

July 24, 2018

You know the saying “work hard, play hard”? Well, we couldn’t agree with it more. Most of us spend 5 days a week working 9-5, so taking time off of work for a vacation is crucial to recharging and feeling refreshed. However, preparing and making sure that everything is taken care of while you’re away can be nerve-racking and stressful. Here are 7 tips to help you prepare for your time out of the office, so you can leave work behind and enjoy your time away.

Give Notice

Give ample notice to all work colleagues or clients of when you will be out of the office. This way they may contact you with any matters that need to get taken care of beforehand. You can also change your email signature to include a note of the dates you will be out of the office as a reminder to everyone you do business with.

Plan Ahead

The best way to prepare for a vacation and time away from work is to prep for it early. Create a list of what will need to be done while you’re away and see what tasks you may complete beforehand and what tasks can wait until after you return. Then do a task from your list every day leading up to your vacation to avoid a last-minute work overload.

If applicable, delegate some of your tasks that require daily upkeep to members of your team while your away.

Second In Command

Assign a go-to person who can handle any issues that might arise while you’re away and let your team know. This way everyone knows who to go to in your absence. This can also help limit the number of emails or calls that will come thru while you’re away to only “true” emergencies.

Check-In Times

It’s inevitable, no matter how many times you tell people you’re out of the office, they will still try to contact you. Before you leave, let your colleagues know if you will be reachable while away and what those specific times are, or if you will be totally disconnected except for emergencies. Make sure to limit any work activity to those specific times. You’re on vacation so enjoy it.

Out-Of-Office Message

While away, create an out-of-office auto-reply message for your email and update your outgoing voicemail message to let everyone know you’re out of the office, when you will return and who to contact in your absence.

Tidy Up

Organize folders, file paperwork and toss old papers. Leave your work space/desk clean before you leave. This way you can return to a clean slate and start fresh. No one likes to return from a relaxing vacation to a mess.

When You Return

If doable, avoid meetings, appointments or jumping back into any big projects on your first day back. Let your first day back to work be for catching up and getting organized. Go through your mail, emails, voicemails, paperwork and take care of things accordingly. That way by your second day back you are ready to hit the ground running.

Found these tips helpful? If so, leave a comment and let us know how they worked out for you! What other tips do you have when preparing to take a few days off?

By: Percy Jimenez-Nagy

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