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What to Wear for Your Interview

July 11, 2018

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for the ultimate interview outfit, then look no further! We’ve put together a guide to help you put your best foot forward on that job interview. After all, your first impression can impact whether or not you land your dream job! What you wear shows how serious you are about the job you’re interviewing for.

It all starts with dressing one step ahead and of course, being professional and polished. It’s not appropriate to dress down at an interview even if the company has a casual dress code policy.


Suit with pants or skirt will be your go-to interview outfit. The color of your look shouldn’t be too flashy – go with simple, more neutral colors. If you decide to go with the skirt, make sure it is knee-length.

A classic pair of dress pants are going to be a staple in your wardrobe. They’re easy to dress up and down once you land the job. We love a good powersuit! You can wear a blazer with a button down or top with interesting detail. Just make sure nothing you wear is too over the top as this will be distracting during your interview.


Always start with a great pair of shoes that are clean and polished! If you’d like to wear heels, make sure they heel is moderate and not too high. We’d recommend peep toe heels, closed toe pumps or even ballet flats.


Everyone looks at your hands in a professional environment. Many of us talk with our hands which will attract lots of attention. Even when you’re shaking other’s hands, they will be looking at your hands and nails. Make sure your manicure is fresh, clean and neutral. No one wants to hire someone will chipped polish! It’ll look like you don’t take care of yourself or care about your appearance.

Accessories and Makeup:

Make sure your accessories aren’t too flashy as it’ll be a distraction. Wear a conservative watch and leave the bangles at home. When deciding between a purse or briefcase, go with one or the other. You’ll look a little scattered showing up to an interview with both in hand. Makeup should be minimal for a professional appear.

We’ve also put together a quick list of things to watch out for when it comes to dressing for your interview.

*When it doubt, leave it out!*

  • Avoid loud patterns,
  • Large accessories and jewelry
  • Noisy/clunky jewelry
  • Short skirt or form fitting look
  • Visible body piercings or tattoos
  • Strong perfume
  • Jeans
  • Bookbag/backpack

Comment and let us know what your favorite interview look is! Did it help you land your dream job?

By: Courtney Moed


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