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5 habits to help advance your career

October 30, 2018

Feeling like you’re in a rut? Looking to get a promotion, but not sure what to do next? I think we’ve all been there. You work hard every day, but just want to kick it up a notch and bring your career to the next level.

That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 habits to help advance your career.

  • Carve out a niche. 
    • Be known for something in particular whether that’s being really great at media relations, knowing SEO like the back of your hand or being a very detail-oriented data scientist. It’s important to let people know what you have to offer and the prominence of your expertise in whatever the topic may be.
  • Engage with people outside your everyday team. 
    • Networking is always important – whether you’re networking professionally or personally. Engrossing yourself with other teams and coworkers you don’t necessarily work with can only help you! This is something you want to constantly do to learn more about different topics as well as the people around you.
  • Create a schedule. Time management skills allow you to accomplish more tasks in a shorter period of time. This means you’ll have more time on your hands, which means less stress and more focus. You may even find some extra time to explore new opportunities. 
  • Say yes and be open minded. 
    • Take the chance and say yes to working on a project you wouldn’t normally work on. Maybe you decided it is finally time to speak up in that big client meeting. Believe in yourself and take that extra leap of faith – you never know what possibilities could be out there! Who knows, you may find something you really enjoy. 
  • Feed your mind.
    • Whether you prefer books, TED Talks, podcasts, etc. there are tons of options out there to keep yourself learning. Maybe you just need a fresh perspective or want to learn about a new topic. There are options out there for everyone to keep their mind sharp and help step up their game in the workplace.


Hope these are helpful! Comment and let us know if you have any other helpful habits.


-Courtney Moed

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