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5 Ways To Stay Motivated At Work

January 22, 2019

You might love your job and the people you work with, but it is inevitable to feel a little unmotivated sometimes. Being at work 5 days a week for 8 hours a day can sometimes start to feel like a drag. This “rut” can cause low quality of work or leave you uninspired without being able to accomplish anything. If this is you or you have been here before, here are 5 ways to get out of the rut and to help you get motivated at work once again.

  1. To-Do List

Create a daily to-do list to stay on track. Writing down your daily to-do list will make you feel more responsible for completing each task. Cross items off your list as you complete them to stay motivated.  

  1. Set Goals

Is there a big project you need to complete? An upcoming presentation? Or a promotion you are after? Establish your long- and short-term goals and actively plan on how to accomplish them successfully.

  1. Spice Up Work Wardrobe

Add a couple of new pieces to your work wardrobe. There’s nothing like a new work outfit to add incentive to your day. We always say, “dress for the job you want”.

  1. Inspiration

Surround yourself with positivity. Work isn’t always the most inspiring of places. So, take matters into your own hands and re-decorate your office or cubicle so it is a place of inspiration for you.  

  1. Celebrate

Give yourself a pat on the back for your small or big accomplishments. A celebration after accomplishing a particular task is a great way to keep you motivated throughout the process.

What tips do you have for staying motivated at work?

By: Percy Jimenez-Nagy

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