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Tips for Healthy Snacking in the Workplace

January 3, 2019

Happy 2019! Did you know that 1/3 of Americans are taking a “start again in January” attitude when it comes to their health and planning? The holidays are filled with so many delicious treats and unhealthy foods, but now is the time to get back on track.

54% of people believe they’ll be successful in staying healthy in 2019. Now – where do we begin? Since we spend most of our time in the office, we’re focusing on tips for healthy snacking in the workplace. Your coworkers might be bringing in snacks for their birthdays or catered food from nearby restaurants, but it’s important to be aware. Free workplace snacks are just so enticing – and you get to socialize with your coworkers while noshing.

Here are five tips for healthy snacking:

  • Drink water. This is a great alternative to snacking all together with – you’ll keep yourself feeling full (and hydrated)! You might wind up going to the bathroom every 30 minutes, but that’s okay. Another plus is that water is great for your skin, too.
  • Bring your own snacks. Stock your desk drawer with plenty of healthy snacks whether that’s nuts, bananas, roasted chickpeas, protein bars, etc. You’ll be more inclined to reach into your desk and choose a healthy (and convenient) option.
  • Have smaller meals throughout the day. Growing up we’ve all be told the norm was three meals per day, but maybe it is best to actually have a bunch of smaller meals throughout the day. Having around six small meals throughout the day actually increases your metabolism and energy. Sounds good, if you ask me!
  • Be assertive. Do you know who orders your office snacks? It might be a good idea to approach them and suggest healthier options to replace those currently in office. Some great options are graze and Snack Nation.
  • Rethink your drinks. Fancy coffees, sodas, juices are all filled with tons of sugar that you could probably do without. Yes – running out to Starbucks with your coworkers is so easy, but make sure you keep all the extra sugar in mind when you’re ordering. Think about lower sugar options such as black coffee or green tea.

Staying healthy in the workplace doesn’t have to be hard, but the same tips don’t always work for everyone! What are your tips for keeping yourself on track? Let us know in the comments.

By: Courtney Moed


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